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Accessories for Digital Recording and Transcription

Accessorize your transcription and dictation equipment with high-quality, purpose built components.

Olympus Recorder Accessories

We carry the full range of Olympus recorder accessories, including headsets, adapters, memory card, and docking stations.

Cases, Earphones, and Remote Controls for Olympus Recorders

Olympus Recorder Cases/Earphones/Remote Controls

Protect your digital dictation equipment.

  • Earbuds are great reviewing dictation—lightweight, unobtrusive, and compact
  • Protect your investment with carrying cases
  • Remote controls extend the usability and reach of your dictation equipment

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Batteries and AC Power Adapters

Olympus Recorder Batteries/AC Power Adapters

Keep recording with rechargeable batteries and AC power adapters.

  • Battery packs for Olympus recorders
  • AC power adapters are great for long-length recording

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Cables and Extensions

Olympus Recorder Cables and Extensions

Replacement cables for Olympus digital recorders.

  • Microphone extension cords
  • Recorder-to-USB connections for popular Olympus digital recorders
  • Plug size adapters

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Philips Recorder Accessories

Deck out your Philips recorder with these great accessories.

Philips Recorder Accessories

Philips Recorder Accessories

Philips offers a wide range of specialty attachments and docking stations.

  • Docking stations
  • Barcode readers
  • AC power adapters
  • Memory Cards
  • Rechargeable battery kits
  • Conference microphones

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Other Accessories

Transcription Headsets

Transcription Headsets

These top quality transcription headsets insure comfort and quality—at a good price.

  • USB and 3.5mm connections available
  • Compatible with most PCs, Macs, and laptops
  • Transcription headsets feature lightweight designs and under-the-chin fitment

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Foot Pedals

Recorder Foot Pedals

Record and pause your recorder with foot pedal control

  • Pedals for use with Olympus recorders
  • Control record/pause hands free

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Telephone Recording Adapters

Telephone Recording Adapters

Record telephone conversations with these easy-to-use adapters

  • Record cell-phone, land-line, and phone-in dictation calls
  • Adapters for computer and handheld recorders
  • Standard 3.5mm microphone plugs
  • Several options available for multiple configurations

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Digital Recording Microphones


Top quality microphones improve the quality of your recording.

  • Specialty microphones available
  • Conference recording kits
  • External microphones for digital handheld recorders
  • High quality PC microphones

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Headphones with attached microphone

Microphone/Headset Combinations

Headphones with attached microphones. Great for VOIP and teleconferences.

  • Mono and Stereo options available
  • Top sound quality
  • Bluetooth and wireless headphones

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Flash memory cards

Memory Cards and Readers

Expand your recording capacity with flash memory.

  • XD Memory Cards
  • SD Memory Cards
  • Dual card reader

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Vanguard Aluminum Cases

Vanguard Metal Carrying Cases

Protect, organize, and travel with your digital dictation equipment.

  • Stylish design
  • Rugged, lightweight aluminum construction
  • Detachable shoulder straps
  • Key locks

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  • 12 Foot Extension Cord for Microphones
    12 Foot Extension Cord for Microphones
    This 12 foot extension microphone extension cord. Includes: 12 foot extension cord for microphones Free Technical Support One Year Warranty
  • AC-329 AC Power Adapter
    AC-329 AC Power Adapter
    Provides AC Power for DM-520, DM-420, DS-61, and DS-71 Digital Recorders. The AC-329 is the Olympus replacement for the AC-321, which is no longer available.
  • Automobile 12 Volt DC Cigarette Lighter Charging Adapter
    Automobile 12 Volt DC Cigarette Lighter Charging Adapter
    Charge your USB device while in your car!
  • CC-20 Cell Phone Recording Adapter
    CC-20 Cell Phone Recording Adapter
    Operate hands-free while making recordings using any digital recorder Works with any cell phone that accepts an external standard 2.5 mm (millimeter) diameter microphone/headset jack.
  • CM-1000 Conference Microphone (3.5mm jack)
    CM-1000 Conference Microphone (3.5mm jack)
    The CM-1000 Conference Microphone provides an effective, affordable, and extensible solution to conference recording. It is designed to work with any digital recorder with a standard 3.5mm microphone plug. Sound quality is...
  • CM-1000 Conference Microphone (USB)
    CM-1000 Conference Microphone (USB)
    Plug this USB microphone into any desktop or laptop for quick and easy conference-style, omnidirection recording. You can also daisy chain CM-1000 (3.5mm plug) microphones for complete stereo coverage. The on-board sound...
  • CM-1000 Conference Microphone Kit
    CM-1000 Conference Microphone Kit
    Two CM-1000 microphones plus Y-splitter. Maintains true left/right separation when used with any of our conference recorders, with the included 3.5mm Left/Right Y-Cable. Channel separation re-creates the stereo sound field...
  • CM-9000 Conference Microphone Kit
    CM-9000 Conference Microphone Kit
    Get total coverage with the CM-9000 Conference Microphone Kit. This economical kit includes two CM-909 conference microphones and a Y-splitter, giving you coverage in two locations from up twenty feet apart! This conference...
  • CM-909 High-Gain Conference Microphone
    CM-909 High-Gain Conference Microphone
    Provides High Gain and Sensitivity for recording Conferences and Groups of people in a large room Plugs into the External Microphone jack of any Olympus, Sanyo, or Philips Digital Recorder Even picks up whispers 10 foot...
  • GN-3 Gooseneck Microphone
    GN-3 Gooseneck Microphone
    The GN-3 and GN-USB microphones are strong, accurate, and are willing to come to you. Both feature an 18" flexible neck and sturdy weighted base, making these the professional's desktop dictation...
  • LRX-35 Telephone Recording Adapter
    LRX-35 Telephone Recording Adapter
    Works from your existing corded telephone (plugs between telephone base and handset). Optimized for recording telephone conversations and conference calls for PCs, with higher audio gain for Line Input Jacks on PC Sound...
  • Olympus A515-AC Power Adapter
    Olympus A515-AC Power Adapter
    The Olympus power adapter provides the power you need for the LS-10, DS-5000 and LS-11 digital voice recorders. The A515 recharges the BR403 Ni-MH battery pack when used with the DS-5000. The A515 is a...
  • Olympus B-90SU Quick Charger
    Olympus B-90SU Quick Charger
    4 Rechargeable "AA" Batteries. Quick Charger can charge 2 batteries at a time. Charger can charge the BR-401 "AAA" batteries.
  • Olympus BR-401 Rechargeable "AAA" Batteries (4 Pack)
    Olympus BR-401 Rechargeable "AAA" Batteries (4 Pack)
    Rechargeable battery pack for Olympus digital voice recorders that use AAA batteries. The BR403 Ni-MH battery pack is charged when used with the CR-3 Cradle and D7-AC Power Adapter.
  • Olympus BR-403 Rechargeable Battery Pack
    Olympus BR-403 Rechargeable Battery Pack
    Type a description for this product here...harges through the recorder's USB adapter or Olympus A-513 AC Power Adapter.
  • Olympus CR-10 USB Cradle
    Olympus CR-10 USB Cradle
    Replacement unit for DS-5000/DS-3400 cradle Provides easy-downloads from recorder to computer (requires KP-21 USB cable ) On DS-5000 also recharges BR-403 battery pack

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